Wednesday, July 3, 2019

How not to ensure your "Fundraising Well" does not run dry.

On a daily basis, I see charities especially on Facebook constantly running “GoFundMe” or Facebook fundraisers.  They also run fundraising event after fundraising event.  But what they don’t even realize is this:

Today, Jack comes to you and asks “Hey, can I borrow $20.00?”  Jack is a good guy so you hand him $20.00 to help him out while feeling pretty good about yourself.  A week later, Jack comes back to you and asks “Hey, can you help me out with $20.00?”  You ask him what it’s for and he tells you his car broke down or his Mother is sick etc.  You’re thinking you just gave him $20.00 and now he’s asking again, he must be really desperate.  So, you dig in your wallet, pull out another $20.00 but this time you’re a bit annoyed and don’t have that feeling you did before.  Now, a couple weeks go by and you see Jack coming with the same look on his face.  You can feel what he’s going to ask so you get prepared.  Sure enough “Hey, can I borrow $20.00?”  Immediately, you get angry and ask “What do you need another $20.00 for?”  He provides another reason why he needs money but this time, you say “I’m sorry, I’m broke.”  He turns around and walks away.  What you did not know, is Jack has been asking everyone he knows for the same $20.00.  Eventually everyone turns their back on him.  Jack went to the well far too many times and now it’s gone dry.

I understand that many won't agree or believe what I am reporting here but if you continue to do what you're doing, you are definitely going to wish you would have heeded my warning.  There is an old saying that says “Less is more.”  Charities don’t seem to understand this simple idea.  The more you ask for money or donations, the less you will receive.  It’s simple honestly, if you are continually asking for money, you will “Tap Out” your donors.  I understand that you need money but you are going to have to find another way of raising the funds.  

The more you ask, the less and less you will inevitably receive.  A good guide that you’re asking too much is this – Look at your online or Facebook fundraiser, how quickly are you raising the money that is your target?  Is it quick or is it slowly working or is it stalled?  Do you or have you gone in and posted something urging people to donate? 

Instead of doing 100 small fundraisers, you should do (1) large one.  Please listen, if you are constantly fundraising, you are going to push people away from you.  People do not want to be constantly begged and badgered to donate money to you. 

Remember, you are not the only charity out there fundraising.  If a charity continually is posting fundraiser after fundraiser, begging for money, you will see the amount of funds raised slowly going down and down, finally the well will run dry.  You will lose money and most especially, supporters.

Another crucial part of this, especially in a “What will you do for me” society is that you aren’t doing something for the person you are asking to donate.  Donors and sponsors need to be taken care of.

Remember, the more times you go to the well, inevitably, you won’t find anything there.

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