Sunday, December 16, 2018

David Taylor - my friend, my brother and truly an inspiration

I am blessed.  There are people who come into your life for no apparent reason, this is the story of one such man who has truly become an inspiration in my life.  Several years ago, through Facebook, an auctioneer from South Carolina named David Taylor reached out to me to talk about working together in his home state of South Carolina.  We shared two common bonds that took our conversation from just acquaintances to being friends, not only were we in the Auction World but both of us had been former Law Enforcement.  That “Thin Blue Line” bond was what truly became our bond since we had both lived a life of service to our state and country.

We spoke over the phone, through text messages and facebook messenger.  For several months we planned and shared auction “War Stories.”  He introduced me to several people who lived in and around Maryland who he knew.  I had never truly met David but from hearing his voice and reading his words, I could easily tell he is one of the rare “True Blue” kind people you rarely come across. 

Then suddenly, David stopped sending me messages or calling.  I wondered what had happened to him.  Then I saw a post on facebook that brought me to tears.  My good friend, one of the nicest guys I’ve ever not met but became good friends with, had a severe brain aneurysm.  I saw photos of him lying in a hospital bed with tubes attached to him everywhere they could possibly be.  He was in a coma and did not seem to be recovering.  I spoke to a common friend who said he seemed to be getting worse and that prayers for him were desperately needed.  I bowed my head on many occasions praying for my friends recovery or, and I hate to admit this, but for our Lord to take him peacefully.  I continued to ask questions about him to determine where he was and if anything had changed.  

Then suddenly, as it seems, all the prayers for David were answered.  David had came out of the coma and his long road to recovery had begun.  What a powerful message.  What a warrior, I was so proud of him.  I watched as he pushed himself to be back again to the man he was. 

David Taylor is a very proud and humble man but his inner strength brought him back to his feet.  When I could, we spoke and he told me the story.  I am so proud of him, the man I knew showed me how our inner strength and faith can be victories over the worst battles. 

David is now back to our world, back to the life which seemed to be taken away.  David my friend, you are a true inspiration to me.  You showed me that we can get back onto our knees, stand back up after being knocked down and facing death.  If you my friend can win that battle alone with the prayers and tears of family and friends, we can recover from anything we endure.

Thank you for being my friend and being in my life.  You are truly an inspiration to me each and every day and I feel blessed to call you my friend.

Your friend,