Saturday, January 16, 2016

What does it take for a fundraising committee to be successful?

I get asked and answer a million questions about fundraising but the one (1) question is “What does it take for a fundraising committee to be successful?”

There is only one answer – Commitment.  Everyone involved must be absolutely committed to the success of what you want to accomplish – a successful fundraiser.

Keep in mind a large committee is the absolute key to the success of the committee itself – the more people you have helping, the better you will be.

Being committed means that they will want to accomplish the mission of what they are being asked to embark on.  Here are a few of the phases of a successful fundraising event:

1 – Pre-Event Planning Stage – Your committee should ask others to help, attend committee planning meetings and be a part of the discussion.

2 – Pre & Event Job Titles – A good leader delegates.  Ask your committee members to take on a certain task which will spread the work out such as:

     a.     Ticket Chairman – The person who receives all the sold tickets and assigns  

b.     Donation Chairman – The person whose only purposes is to address the committee on donations received and also keeps a running inventory.

c.      Financial Chairman – The person who makes deposits into the bank from the ticket sales and financial donations or sponsorships.

3 – Pre-Event Mission – Your committee should assist with ticket sales, seek donations and help advertise.

4 – Pre-Event Preparation – Prior to your event, committee members should help with gift basket building and other preparations such as preparing Silent Auction Bid Sheets, acquiring event accounting paperwork etc.

5 – Event – Your committee needs to arrive early to set up the event, be energetic during and help with every aspect of the event itself – your guests will love smiling, happy people.

6 – Post Event – This is where most committee members shut off, however, you should have a “Post” or “Wrap Up” meeting to discuss the positives and negatives to ensure that your next event will be successful.  It’s all about learning from your mistakes and moving forward.

Just remember, the more people you have helping you and being a part of your team, the better.  Try to attract and recruit energetic, positive people and stay away from negative “Debby Downers”, the results will be astounding.  To see how negativity truly hurts your success, click this Blog - How the fundraising Grinch stole your success.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

5 easy methods to effectively advertise your Charity Fundraiser

How & where do I advertise my Charity Event?  That is a question I hear ALL THE TIME.  The reality is, the “Old Norm” is gone, dead, dust in the wind.  What do I mean by the “Old Norm”?   Well here they are:

#1 – Print Adds in the Newspaper

#2 – TV Commercials

#3 – Billboards

#4 – Hanging Flyers in local convenience stores.

I know what you’re saying about #2, how can that be true?  There are 1,000’s of TV Commercials, very true but do you have a Digital Video Recorder (DVR)?  If you do, which most do, what do you do when you are watching your favorite show and a commercial comes on?  You hit the Fast Forward button don’t you?

The answer to the question is simply this – Facebook & other social networks.  Facebook is definitely leading the charge. 

The entire world is on Facebook just waiting to be talked to.  You have to learn how to use Facebook and how Facebook works in order to be truly effective.  But Facebook is the single most powerful tool you have in your charity’s arsenal.  Plus – it’s FREE!!!
Seriously, if you're not on Facebook, chances are, you're not even reading this Blog!!! 

If you have an event flyer, here are some simple methods to use to draw attention:

#1 – Your flyer must “POP” – and not be just a simple Word Document.  It must grab
attention and be different than the rest.

#2 – Post your flyer everywhere you can – meaning, Facebook, Instragram, LinkedIn etc.

#3 – Once your flyer moves down your Facebook wall, reshare it back to the top.

NOTE:  It is a scientific fact that someone needs to see something seven (7) times before the act upon it.

#4 – Get your friends or other people involved in your charity to post your flyer as well.

#5 – When you post the flyer, ask your friends to also “Share” it.

Using these five (5) methods, you will be able to advertise your event from wherever you are, to the entire world – more importantly FREE.

If you would like to more valuable and effective ways to advertise your event and what type of flyer grabs people’s attention, contact us at, we would love to help you.

BW Unlimited Charity Fundraising is a North American Charity Fundraising Leader in a “One Stop Shop” convenient setting.  BW can help guide you toward a very successful event, ensuring you do not fall into any of the fundraising pitfalls that surround you. Contact us at to learn how we can help.