Thursday, November 22, 2018

BREAKING NEWS!!! "Paying It Forward Fundraising"

Today, we are proud to announce that our newest fundraising platform “Paying It Forward Fundraising” is launching in Twin Falls Idaho in several locations across the city.  The auctions benefit the United Way, the Boys & Girls Club and the Boy Scouts of Twin Falls.

What is “Paying It Forward Fundraising”?  Over the past several years, many people have come to me and said that we should start placing Silent Auctions in restaurants, hotels and businesses.  But, due to our rapidly expanding company and time being a very precious commodity; we weren’t in a position to move forward with it. 

However, recently, I met a fantastic family who are from Utah & Idaho – The Pierce’s.  After meeting with Brad Peirce, I could see the fire and passion in his eyes to help our company help charities all across North America.  He quickly began to help charities in Idaho and wanted to learn more.  I was then introduced to his family.  They too wanted to help and were passionate about doing whatever they could to be a part of our company.  There was no better group of fine, good hearted people to help launch this platform across the United States.

“Paying It Forward Fundraising” allows charities and businesses to set up a Silent Auction with the “Buy It Now” ability in restaurants, hotels, businesses etc.  The charity or business owner sets the margin or profit percentage above the cost to nonprofit.  There is absolutely no cost that the charity or business incurs nor do they have to do anything but provide wall space.   

All the charity or business owner should do, but does not have to, is to promote the Silent Auction.  Since it benefits our charity partners, the charity should promote the Silent Auction to their supporters and through the Social Networks.  That’s it.

The “Paying It Forward Fundraising” Auction will be set up for at least two (2) weeks.  Our staff will monitor and collect the bid sheets, contact the buyers, process the payments and ship out the items to all the winning bidders.   100% of the proceeds then go directly to the charity. 

If a Business Owner would like to help a local charity, they tell us who the local charity is so that we can post it on the notice which is beside the auction.  At the end of each auction, our staff will present a large check with the proceeds written on it in the name of the selected charity.  This is an excellent opportunity for businesses to help their local community.  They can Press Release their efforts and post photos of the check presentation to the charity on the social networks and in local news.

The auctions carry a wide array of D├ęcor items ranging from Sports, Celebrity, Historical and Music while also offering incredible Travel & Vacation Packages.  The auctions give your guests and those visiting your business a sense of satisfaction knowing they are helping a local charity while also having the ability to purchase an item that is not sold at retail anywhere.

If you are interested in having a “Paying It Forward Fundraising” Silent Auction at your business, or if you are a charity and would like for us to help you with an auction or auctions, contact us at, we would love to help.
BW Unlimited Charity Fundraising is a North American Charity Fundraising leader in a “One Stop Shop” convenient setting.  We offer a wide array of services including a full scale Fundraising Event Planning service, “No Risk Auction Items” and now our newest platform “Paying It Forward Fundraising.”  There is no finer company across North America that offers so much for the 104 million charities.  To learn more or to ask for our help, contact us at

Sunday, November 18, 2018

The importance of Venue: Why is the place you have your fundraiser important?

Before we start, I am intentionally making this vague as possible based on the fact that after I either write a blog or publish a video blog, I always get phone calls asking “Are you talking about us?”  Me being me, I always say “Why Yes Alice, I am talking about you but I didn’t say your name.”

Over the past several months, I have had the opportunity to attend several events or help several charities with their events where they either did not follow my advice or they had already selected the venue prior to speaking or hiring us. 

What most charities don't realize or refuse to believe is that hosting your fundraising event at a "Less Than" venue greatly reduces the success of your fundraising efforts.  Affluent or wealthy people will not want to go and large financial sponsors will not be interested solely based on where you are hosting it.  The venue speaks volumes about your charity and the guests.  

On one occasion, while speaking to people in the crowd, they complained about the bathroom toilets not flushing or the lines to get food were entirely too long.  They were right, because I myself stood in the line for 10 minutes then decided I would come back later after everyone got their dinners.  The acoustics were absolutely horrible, not understanding a word anyone said on the microphone, the lighting was horrible and the food, well it was ok at best (and that is being generous). 

This seems to be a trend though.  Charities, especially the smaller ones, do not understand the absolute importance of the “Place” (aka Venue) where they have their event.  I’m tired of hearing “People that are here won’t pay an additional $10.00 or $20.00 for a better place.”  That is entirely false.  The people at the fundraising event that are there won’t pay the additional $10.00 or $20.00 for the place they are currently at – BUT they most certainly will at a much nicer venue.  It’s worth it and they know that.

Now how does a bad “Place/Venue” affect spending?  People come there, the place is bad, the food is ok but nothing special…do you think they are ready to open their wallets?  No, they tend to feel robbed because they paid for their ticket and because the Venue is bad, they will always feel “I spent enough.” 

A bad venue shuts them down mentally even before the fundraising begins.

In the reverse, do you know why a very nice venue promotes higher spending?  The answer is in the question.  I have personally been to many of the best steakhouses in the country and paid ridiculous amounts of money for a meal and especially the steak.  I’m here to tell you, the steak at the “Texas Roadhouse” or a similar restaurant is just as good and much less expensive. 

Why do people pay more?  Because of the venue.  The “Ambience” demands a higher price, people are willing to pay more. 

If the place is nice and clean, the lighting is great, the food is great, there are no lines for food, the sound is great…the staff is professional…people automatically respond at a much higher level.

The proof is always very easy.  I will often ask the client what their “Net” or Profit was at the “Less than” venue – I will always hear a very small number.  Every time they argue against moving to a nicer venue, I point at their “Net.” 

To prove this to you – how many guests came to your last event?  Let’s say 300 people for this example.  What was your “Net” (Don’t lie because you’re only lying to yourself here)?  Do you know the national norm for successful fundraising begins at $100.00 a head, “Net”?  That means if you had 300 people, you should have made at the very least, $30,000.00.  Did you?  Were you close at least?   No?  Well, its time to make changes, most important is to find a better Venue.  People will pay more for a nicer place, you already know that though.  On your wedding anniversary, do you go to McDonalds or to a nice restaurant?  

What a nice venue allows you, as the charity, to do is to put more margin (Profit) on the ticket price because the venue is much better.  A much nicer menu with much better food will dictate the amount of profit you will ultimately make.  Plus the presentation of everything will impress your guests.  What's the old saying "The quickest way to a mans heart is through his stomach" - the same holds true to the quickest way to his or her wallet is to take care of their appetites.  Give them a great menu and drinks in a very nice place and they will be much more apt to spend or donate more to your charity.  I'm not guessing this, I'm telling you it's fact!!!

Take a leap of faith and try it…you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. 

We, BW Unlimited Charity Fundraising, would love to help you plan your next fundraising event.  BW Unlimited Charity Fundraising it a leading charity fundraising company in North America and the only full scale Charity Fundraising Event planning company in the world.  Contact us at