Friday, August 21, 2015

Are you already knocked out before the fundraising fight even begins?

Have you ever watched a boxing or UFC match when the two (2) fighters are so wrongly matched that the novice boxer gets knocked out in the very first round?  It’s almost hard to watch.  But I can bet, the novice fighter thought that they would come out the winner, getting their hand raised at the end.  But, professional, experienced fighters who train and study always come out victorious.  It’s just common sense.

Same with Charity Fundraisers.  Novice fundraisers with very little experience, who don’t study fundraising trends always think the same thing.  They don’t know their opponents or their guests.  In fact, a common statement which I hear all the time is “Our people don’t spend like that.” 
Do professionals think this way?  Does the professional boxer watch his opponent and plan for every possible outcome? 
How do you possibly know how your guests will spend their money when you only have lesser priced, cheap items for them to bid on? 
In order to go from novice to a professional formidable charity fundraiser, you have to understand the “Reality of Fundraising.”  The fundraising myths, mainly that donated items are the best way to raise money because you keep 100% of the money, is truly a novice approach. Not that I’m trying to sell you or your charity on using our items, I’m telling you that the reason our Auction Items exist is because they are proven.  No one wants left overs, no one will bid over the retail price of an item that only sells in a store for $30.00.  You sooner have a better chance of finding Bigfoot then for this to ever happen. 
Novice charity fundraisers always refer to bigger spenders and ask how they can attract those types of people.  The first novice method is to plan your event “Low.”  Another issue, you don’t know until you at the very least try.
Go from the skinny kid in the ring to the Heavy Weight fundraising Champion by asking for our help.

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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Incredibly Rare Charity Live Auction Item

This incredibly Rare autographed jersey is now available for one lucky charity.  The jersey is signed by Johnny Unitas, John Elway, Joe Montana and Dan Marino.

All autographs are 3rd party authenticated.

This rare jersey encompasses all of the most iconic Quarterbacks ever and is only available through BW Unlimited Charity Fundraising.

BW Unlimited Charity Fundraising is a North American Charity Fundraising Leader in a " One Stop Shop " convenient setting. Check out our website at