Wednesday, May 29, 2019

The "WOW" Factor - How to “BRAND” your fundraising event

First do you understand what a “Brand” is?  Let’s take for instance Coca Cola, Nike, John Deere or McDonalds – each of these companies developed a logo or a “Brand” which allows just the logo without words, to clearly and quickly identify the company.  They pay marketing companies millions to not only develop their brand but to also invent their “Brand Strategy.” 

Why should a charity who is fundraising use branding or develop a brand strategy?  Because it will differentiate you and your fundraiser from all others in your area. 

Here are a few tips which will help you truly brand your event and set you head and shoulders above the crowd:

#1 – Developing a Brand:  Many people believe this is called a “Theme.”  That’s true but in order for you and your charity to develop a brand, there is more to it.  You first have to have a very “Eye Catching” event flyer that grabs people attention.  There is a proven scientific concept that says that someone needs to see something (7) times before they act upon it.  However, if your flyer is “Eye Catching” by being highly designed, you have a much higher chance of catching someone’s attention than the normal homemade flyers.  Plus a very “Eye Catching” Event flyer will impress possible guests and sponsors, showing them your event is of a much higher scale and not like the “Norm.”

#2 – Brand Consistency:  Once you have developed your charity event brand, everything surrounding it should remain consistent.  That goes from your Facebook Event Header, to your tickets and to your sponsorship flyer.  Everything should mirror the other to keep the brand consistent. 

#3 – Keeping the “Fun” in “Fundraising”:  Remember no one likes “Boring.”  By developing a high profile brand through your flyers, as discussed above, your guests will get excited because your brands high appeal factor.  They will immediately get excited, creating a “Buzz” surrounding your event.  Then they will weigh it against the others in your area.  Creating a “Buzz” will create “Fun” – people outside of your circle will also see your well branded marketing materials and also take notice.  Businesses will then be drawn in based on the appeal of your branding and also be drawn in because of the “High Appeal” and not like the normal every day, homemade fundraising flyers we all see everywhere.  You will be a “Cut above the Rest” and they will want in via a financial sponsorship.

As an example, our client The Unbridled Heroes Project – they work with adopt wild Mustangs from outwest who are being sold for meat and pair them with Veterans who are battling with PTSD.  Understanding that they work with horses but are holding a Gala, we utilized “Denim.”  From that, we developed the “2019 All American Heroes Diamonds & Denim Gala.”  The branding delivers the charity but also creates a fashion statement along with the high appeal via the diamonds and the consistent branding/marketing to draw attention to the event but also to create a “Buzz.”  As you can see, everything is consistent from the main event flyer, to the sponsor flyer, event ticket and Facebook Event Page Header:

Remember, creating a brand is much more than just a theme.  It’s creating marketing materials that set your event a part of all others in such a highly competitive charity fundraising marketplace when everyone is fighting to get people’s attention.  Be different, be unique, be a “Cut above the Rest.”

BW Unlimited Charity Fundraising has its own Graphic Design Department which specializes in brand consistency for our clients.  We begin with the charity, then develop a title or name of the event then create a graphic design to all aspects of our clients marketing materials – creating a branding strategy for our charity clients across the United States.  If you would like to learn more about how BW Unlimited Charity Fundraising can help you create the “WOW” affect, contact us at or email George at – we would love to help you.

Monday, May 20, 2019

TOP Themed Gift Basket Ideas for your next charity fundraiser

As we all know, gift baskets are always a big hit at charity fundraising events across the country.  With this blog, I hope to share some excellent ideas that will get your guests excited about your offering.  Remember have a plan for each while also thinking about your guests.

Instead of just throwing together baskets, always set out with a plan.  A basket with a theme is always very enticing and exciting.  When planning to build these baskets, give several out to your volunteers or team members for them to go after.  Remember – Size Matters.  The bigger the basket, the more it will attract attention.  Here is a list of great themed baskets which everyone loves:

  1. Chocolate Lovers Basket – filled with various chocolates as well as chocolate drinks.
  2. Grilling Basket – Filled with Sauces, Spices, Grill Gloves, utensils etc.
  3. Italian Dinner Basket – Pastas, Sauces, Kitchen Utensils for pasta, Bottle of Wine
  4. Wine & Cheese Basket – A Bottle of Wine, wine glasses, various cheeses, a cork screw, cheese knife etc.
  5. Car Care Basket – Bucket, Car Wash items, Car Wax, Windex etc.
  6. Kids Beach Basket – Beach Toys, Squirt Guns etc.
  7. Dog Bowl Basket – Fill a large Dog Bowl with Dog Treats and toys.
  8. Movie Night – Empty Pizza Box, Gift Certificate for Pizzas, 2 cheap DVD’s from Walmart, Liter of Coke, Liter of Sprite, Pop corn
  9. Make Up Basket – Make Up, Make Up bag, etc.
  10. Picnic Basket – Picnic items
  11. Craft Basket – Crafting items
  12. Spa Basket – Soaps, Candles, Bubble Bath etc.
  13. Candy Basket – Very fun, fill it with every kind of candy you can find, vintage candy is always a hit.
  14. Junk Food Basket – Potato Chips, Pretzels, Doritos, Dips etc.
  15. Coffee Basket – Coffees, cups, cookies etc.
  16. Sports Fan Basket – Calendars, Shirts, Coozies etc.
  17. Lottery Tree – a Bunch of Scratch Off Lottery Tickets
  18. Christmas Basket – Christmas items
  19. Tea & Cookies Basket – Various Teas, cups, spoons etc.
  20. Tailgate Basket – Fill a Cooler with Tailgate items, junk food etc.
  21. Disney Basket – Disney items
  22. Spices Basket – Different Spices, sauces etc.
  23. Baking Basket 
  24. Gardening Basket
  25. Pet Lovers Basket
  26. Kids Toys Basket
  27. Sports Baskets – One Basket filled with items for each Team

If you know anyone who sells Pampered Chef, Mary Kay, Tupperware, or anyone like that, they will ALWAYS donate a basket.

Many of these items can be found in your local grocery store or Dollar Store.  Remember, build them big so that they attract attention.

For more tips and successful ideas, check out our website at  We would love to help you.