Monday, November 23, 2015

When Donated Items Attack!!!

I have seen it all when it comes to donated items.  Sometimes, I sit back and scratch my head wondering why in the world charities would even ask for some of the craziest donations.  But, as a fundraiser, I totally understand their mentality.  Volunteers going after donations always have the best of intentions and always think “WOW, this is going to help us raise of ton of money!!!”

I hope you’re reading this and honestly listening to my advice.  So, let me give you a very real life scenario.  You ask a business to donate and they tell you it’s retail.  Volunteers think that’s the price it’s going to bring at their event.  But the reality is, it’s only going to bring 1/3 of the value.  This is “Reality of Fundraising” ladies and gentlemen.

No one attends a charity event looking to purchase a “Tax Preparation” or “Life Coaching Sessions.”  They will always do bad.  Items which are not “Exciting” will always crash and burn.  What is the most important issue to understand is, what will that tell the Donor?  I have seen Donor’s get up and leave the event because they were angered how little their item went for. 

Another issue is, I have seen many times charities listing the retail value of an item both with the item and prior to it in their inventory.  Charities are under the false impression that because the item or items retail for a price, that that is what it will or should bring in the Auction – FALSE.  If you list the retail price with the item, you are telling the possible donors to not bid anywhere near that – EVERYONE IS LOOKING FOR A DEAL. 

Also, understand that when businesses donate an item to you, they are more times than not giving you items that are not selling in their stores.  Be smart about what you’re going after, just because it’s donated doesn’t mean it’s good.  The last thing you want to have is an auction that looks like a “Yard Sale” or “Flea Market.”  Keep in mind how the donor will feel if the item brings very little or doesn’t sell. 

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