Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Here's to an AWESOME New Year - 2015

Everyone at BW Unlimited Charity Fundraising would like to wish you a fantastic New Year in 2015!!!

We truly look forward to hearing from you again this new year.  Our resolutions are simple - to continue to provide the best customer service while continuing to be a Leader in Charity Fundraising across North America!!!

See you next year!!!


George Wooden
BW Unlimited Charity Fundraising
"North America's Charity Fundraising One Stop Shop"

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Holidays from BW Unlimited Charity Fundraising

Happy Holidays from everyone at BW Unlimited Charity Fundraising!!!  Because of you, our Charity clients across North America, we are a leader in Charity Fundraising in North America.  Thank you.

We promise and guarantee that we will continue provide the best items and services in the 2015 New Year.  We look forward to hearing from you and your charity in the new year.


George Wooden
& everyone at BW Unlimited Charity Fundraising
North America's Charity Fundraising "One Stop Shop"

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Chevy Chase autographed Memorabilia - PSA/DNA Authenticated

If you are fan of Chevy Chase, especially all of his roles from Saturday Night Live to the Caddyshack movies, we now have autographed items.

From Caddyshack Movie Posters to autographed Bushwood Golf Flags, just ask us for our latest Catalog to check out all of his autographed items.

Eventhough we have pictures of Chevy autographing the items, all of them are 3rd Party Authenticated by PSA/DNA.

These items are great for both Live & Silent Auctions for Gala's and similar events but also for Golf Tournaments.

Contact us for details at www.BWUnlimited.com. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Top 10 Reasons Fundraising Auctions were a failure

Charity Fundraising Events are a lot of work.  With months of planning, meetings after meetings all boil down to it being worth the work if the charity fundraising event is a success.  If your last event wasn’t a success, maybe these are the reasons why:

1. You focused on the “Party” and not fundraising: 

You want your guests to have a great time so that they will contribute to your cause and bid on your auctions.

2. You did not to market your items before and during your charity fundraising event.

Because you want your event to be the “Rock Star” in your area, you need to let everyone know what to expect.  If you don’t, they are not going to be prepared – prepare them.  Post a list of the items available on your social networks like Facebook and send out emails to everyone with a “Preview Sheet.”  Let them prepare themselves with a strategy and with their spending.  They will see how much better your event is then all others in your area.

3. Your items were run-of-the-mill. Who cares?

Fascinate them with things they can’t get at the mall or at nearby stores. Experiential, Unique and  Hard to Find.

4.  Your focus was on awards and speeches instead of fundraising.

Your fundraising event was more about awards and speeches instead of focusing on fundraising.  Speeches and presentations should accent your fundraising efforts to let your guests know what you are doing in your community. 
5. You didn’t have enough Bid Spotters.

Find Volunteers who love to have fun and want to be an active participant in your event.  Having enough bid spotters in your audience is essential from turning a dead auction to a very lively, entertaining event.  Remember, people love to have fun…bid spotters can absolutely add to your fundraising success. 

6. You forgot it’s the live auction that brings in the big money.

Live auction items don’t need to be ridiculously expensive.  But the live auction items need to be placed in a way to maximize the auction.  The Live Auction items need to be placed prominently in your event to get maximum attention and away from your Silent Auction.   The best place for the Live Auction items are directly in front of your stage.  If you have the ability to have a video screen, show the items on a loop throughout your event.  

7. Your silent auction was a Yard Sale.

Did we mention your goal is to make money? Inexpensive items by definition don’t cut it, wasting valuable table space. Use them sparingly to give the low-spenders a way to contribute or bundle them to create more attractive items.  Offering these items in a raffle setting guarantees financial success.

8.  Did you openly ask your guests to donate?

Hoping and wishing your guest donate will not make it happen.  Openly ask them too donate by having a “Fund a Need” or “Paddle Raise” at the end of your Live Auction.  By placing envelopes on the table and hoping people fill out a donation card, won’t bring you the money you are hoping to raise.  Acknowledgement of a donation is key, let people openly show their support.

9. Your event is either too long or too short.

Your guests want to enjoy themselves, have a great meal and a few drinks, get the items they want and go home before the baby sitter starts calling.  By having an incredibly long event, with many long speeches will ensure your guest early departure.  Also, by leaving your fundraising platforms (Live & Silent Auction, Raffles & Games) open too long will also tell them not to bid because they are leaving  early.  However, by having a short event, the momentum of your fundraising efforts will not have enough time to truly get going. 

10. You had the Wrong Auctioneer.

After getting a beautiful venue, ensuring you have a fantastic dinner for your guests, getting someone from your Board or a local celebrity to conduct your auction is entirely a bad move.  Professional Auctioneers are a major part of your event and play a critical role to its success.  A Professional Auctioneer is truly a key to ensuring you raise the money you need.  Also, getting someone free to do your auction guarantees “You get what you pay for.”  Hire a professional Charity Auctioneer to conduct your Auction – it will make the difference.

BW Unlimited Charity Fundraising is a leader in North America in a “One Stop Shop” convenient setting.  Known all over North America as the most reputable and respected “No Risk Auction Item” provider, the expert fundraisers at BW Unlimited Charity Fundraising can guide you to ensure that your fundraising efforts are not wasted.  Through many years of experience involved in 1,000’s of charity fundraising events, the experts at BW Unlimited Charity Fundraising will bring your last fundraising event from “Run of the Mill” to a “Rock Star Event” that everyone will talk about.  Contact us today to learn how we can help you at www.BWUnlimited.com


Thursday, December 11, 2014

Fundraising Secret #20 – Santa’s Charity Secret & the “2014 Gift Basket Builder of the Year Award”

Over our time assisting charities all across North America, we have met some amazing people.  We have also seen some fantastic donated items and many that we have just scratched our heads wondering “Why.” 

However, no one has figured it out better then Kathy Esposito and her committee from Espo’s Hope (www.esposhope.com) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  We had the pleasure of assisting Espo’s Hope recently with their Gala & Charity Auction.  Not only was everyone incredible to meet but one of the most significant things that I learned from them, is Kathy’s grasp of what is needed to succeed in regard to their fundraising efforts.

Kathy is an expert Gift Basket Builder, building and displaying gift baskets that are truly amazing.  Unlike most charities across the country, Kathy shops (spending money) all year around for awesome deals on discounted items because she understands that she can not depend on donations.  Then, she uses these items to build fantastic, very high profile baskets. 
Kathy also intermingled several of her high profile baskets with many of our "No Risk Auction Items" to present an awesome Silent Auction.  Having our items mixed with theirs, produced higher bids then normal.  However, she primarily utilized 80% of her Gift Baskets in one of her Raffles. 

Kathy even took it a step further, she was able to get deeply discounted handbags which was one raffle and then added several of the Raffles which we helped her with - the Balloon Wheel Barrow of Cheer Raffle.

Now, these aren’t small baskets, they are HUGE!!!  But what is really awesome about them is, they don’t contain a lot of items.  Her baskets range from Disney Baskets, Holiday Baskets, Bad & Body Baskets, Wine Baskets etc.

Then, this is what I am most proud of – she primarily uses all of her baskets in a Raffle.  When most charities would place them on the Silent Auction, she knows and understands why placing them in a raffle brings much more money than in a silent auction.   

Out of all the charities we assist each year, Kathy Esposito and the Espo’s Hope Committee has really figured it out. 

So with that, we would like to award them with the 1st Gift Basket Builder Awardgreat job Kathy and Espo's Hope!!!

Knowing the above and using Kathy’s knowledge about building baskets, Santa Claus can help you this year with the Gift Baskets for your next event.  What happens after Christmas in stores like Walmart & Target?  Everything gets deeply discounted in order for these businesses to clear their Christmas inventory right?

Charities should spend a few dollars and buy some of these items in order to build fantastic baskets.  These deeply discounted items will bring you a high return on your investments at your next event.  Following that up, after every holiday or season, charities should go hunting. 

Remember, people respond to the “Pizzazz” of what’s offered…if you have incredible looking baskets available, they will get very excited and your fundraising dollars will increase dramatically. 

Again, great job Kathy and Espo’s Hope!!!  If you would like to learn how to build fantastic gift baskets and also how to properly use them for the maximum result, contact us today, we would love to help.
BW Unlimited Charity Fundraising is a leader in Charity Fundraising in North America in a “One Stop Shop” convenient setting.  Known far and wide for providing the largest inventory of “No Risk Auction Items”, BW Unlimited Charity Fundraising provides 100% Authentic Autographed items 100% of the time.  BW Unlimited Charity Fundraising also provides incredible Charity Travel Packages, beautiful decorative items as well as Men’s and Women’s Jewelry.  BW Unlimited Charity Fundraising can also assist you and your charity with a host of Pre Event and Event services to take the stress off of your shoulders.  For more information, contact us today at www.BWUnlimited.com. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Secret #10 – How and why “No Risk Auction Items” greatly improve a Charities bottom line

We have talked about in other blogs in reference to the 104 million registered U.S. Non Profits in the United States.  We have talked about the competition and how charities can improve their status when planning their event.  But the one thing we have never really spoke about is, why do “No Risk Auction Items” greatly improve spending at fundraising events.    

A very long time, a few charities realized that they could not effectively fundraise utilizing donated items alone.  While hiring a very knowledgeable staff, the staff members began to contact companies in order to find items which would do very well at their fundraising events.  One of these Charities was and still is, Ducks Unlimited.  Whether you agree with their mission or not, you have to admire how well they fundraise.   

Each year, these few charities (27 in all out of the 104 Million) send all of their chapters a catalog to order items from.  Ducks Unlimited, like many of the 27, provides items with their logo attached to the items.  Ducks Unlimited has nearly 1,500 chapters around the world and host 7,500 fundraising events a year!!!  The members of each chapter look through the catalog and order the items, agreeing to pay for each item from the events Gross.   

Similar catalogs are sent to chapters of other charities as well.  The items range from Art, to equipment, kitchen wares, tools, decorative items, jewelry, outside and inside furniture etc. 

These items are then placed in their events live and silent auctions.  Ducks Unlimited, like the other 27 charities, has had an amazing amount of success based on this fundraising model.  These charities truly need to be applauded for taking such a radical step to actually purchasing items…however, the other 104 Million charities across the country are very late to catch on to this model. 

Believe it or not, these charities such as Ducks Unlimited grow because the fundraising events are totally built around the items which they have available.  In fact, they know and understand that people come to their event just to get a chance at purchasing the items.  They even take a step further and insist that the guests purchase memberships to their charity in order to have the ability to buy the items!!! 

Here is where this blog comes in – BW Unlimited’s “No Risk Auction Items” greatly enhance an event by providing incredibly nice items which are not found at retail.  People are attracted to these items since they are very hard to find.  In fact, if a charity is also utilizing donated items, the “No Risk Auction Items” always influence higher bidding for the donated ones available.

Unbelievably, I will tell you that these items are not the “End All, Be All” but by
utilizing these items at your event, the appeal for your fundraising event will be much higher.  Why you ask?  Summarizing it, how many fundraising events are in your area?  Many charities will only utilize donated items but your event has incredible items such as Authentic Autographed Items, Incredibly Decorative Memorabilia, beautiful Jewelry and Charity Travel Packages to destinations around the world.  People will talk, compare your event to the others in the area and see which ones they would rather attend – I can attest that they will talk about your event and your ticket sales will rise based on it.

Now here is the best part – your charity CAN NOT LOSE!!!  Why?  Because all of the items are marked up 20% for the starting bids – you are guaranteed profit!!!  No matter how high the bids go, you keep 100% of the profit.  On most occasions, the starting bids guarantee a $50.00 profit alone and from there it goes up and up. 

Think about it, for your next event, analyze the bids on your donated items and see if they are much higher based on the fact that you have BW Unlimited Charity Fundraising “No Risk Auction Items” mixed in – you will be amazed.  These items always support the sales of the donated ones.  Then ask your guests what they thought about your event and the items available, you will definitely be happy with their response.  Just remember this fact, donated items always come from local businesses.  Local people, attending a local fundraising event with items donated from local businesses – will these items have a massive interest?  No.

If you would like to learn more about what items and Charity Travel Packages that available to you, contact us today at www.BWUnlimited.com.  
BW Unlimited Charity Fundraising is a leader in Charity Fundraising in North America in a convenient “One Stop Shop” setting serving well over 1,400 charities each year.  BW Unlimited is known all across North America for providing 100% Authentic Autographed items 100% of the time, only providing autographed items which were reviewed by the two (2) most reputable Authentication companies around the world – JSA and PSA/DNA.  BW Unlimited Charity Fundraising is also known for providing a wide array of incredibly decorative items as well as the largest inventory of Charity Travel Packages at the absolute best prices found anywhere.  BW Unlimited is also known for providing a wide array of Fundraising Event services such as a Charity Auctioneer, Event Staffing, Silent Auction Management, Event Planning Consultation and much more.  If you would like to learn more about how we can help you and your charity, contact us today at www.BWUnlimited.com – we would love to hear from.