Sunday, June 28, 2015

Why Charity Auction Items from BW Unlimited Charity Fundraising are so successful -

To better understand and appreciate why BW Unlimited Charity Fundraising’s Charity Auction items are always successful, we have to discuss why only utilizing donated items is not:

#1 – Local People attend local charity fundraising events with items donated by local businesses – The donated items are NOT exciting since guests can easily go to the store themselves.
#2 – Donated items are only bringing 1/8 to 1/2 of Retail in Silent or Live Auctions across North America.  People attending charity events are looking for a “Deal.” 
#3 – Time spent, gas etc. to get an item donated that only brings 1/8 to 1/2, is simply not worth it.
#4 – The two (2) most common donated items at charity fundraising events are Gift Baskets & Gift Certificates.  The facts surrounding these two (2) common items are:
a.     No one gives Gift Baskets for holiday presents.  More than “Several” baskets begin to blend together like “Zebra” in a herd.
b.    No one will pay or bid full retail at a charity event for a Gift Certificate.  If they wanted to purchase one, they would go to business and purchase it.  These are commonly given as gift’s.

c.     These two items are best utilized in a Raffle setting, which guarantee ten (10) times retail.
#5 – Donated items are often presented in Silent and Live Auctions year after year.  As an example “John donates the use of his Vacation home.” The very first year that donated vacation home is presented for auction, it receives the maximum audience and interest.  Based on that success, the charity will present it again and again. With each passing time its presented, the audience and the bid amounts goes down and down, which is far less exciting.
#6 – Businesses donate items based on the following facts:
a.     Someone a part of the charity, knows the business owner

b.    The business knows the charity and supports the charities mission

c.     Someone from the charity is standing in the business requesting a donation – it’s hard to say no when someone is standing in front of you asking.

d.    Marketing – the business wants to be marketed in front of your guests.
#7 – Fact:  Businesses are overwhelmed with charities asking for them to donate items.  If the business donates, the items are commonly items which are not selling in the stores.  Businesses will not donate items which have a high probability of selling in their respective businesses – they have to worry about keeping their doors open and paying their bills.
#8 – The absolute best method for success for donated items is in a raffle setting – guaranteeing to bring ten (10) times retail.  People love to win.  They will sooner purchase a raffle ticket for $10.00 before placing a $10.00 bid.
Why BW Unlimited Charity Fundraising Charity Auction Items (aka No Risk Auction Items) are successful:
#1 – Charities have absolutely No Risk with using the items - they are guaranteed profit.  BW Unlimited Charity Fundraising will pay to ship the items to your fundraising event and if they do not sell, profiting your charity, BWU will also pay to ship the items back - no up front fees of any type.  No Cost just Profit.
#2 - Keeping in mind that donated items come from local businesses to the fundraising event, having exciting hard to find items which are not available at retail, creates excitement and spurs on higher bidding.
#3 – Charities are instructed to mark up the “Cost to Non Profit” 20%.  With just one bid, charities are guaranteed to profit more than the highest bid on donated items. 
#4 – No matter how high the bids go, charities keep 100% of the profit.
#5 – Charities can create a “Buzz” surrounding the event based solely on the items available which can be marketed through various formats (i.e. Ticketing platform, Facebook etc).
#6 – The items are not available at retail and are only provided by BW Unlimited Charity Fundraising to charities all across North America. 
#7 – Having items which guarantee profit, relieves the time from seeking donations for weeks or months.
#8 – BW Unlimited Charity Auction Items support higher bidding for higher profile donated items.
#9 – Many of the items can be sold in multiples, allowing charities to double, triple etc. their profit.
#10 – Having high profile items will assist in ticket sales for people wanting to attend your event.
#11 – Sponsors or Donors can underwrite or sponsor the cost of the items. Professionals such as Doctors, Lawyers, consultants, Realtors are never asked to donate – however, with these items, they can underwrite the cost to nonprofit.
#12 – Charities commonly profit two times the cost to nonprofit or much more.  These items commonly inspire “Bidding Wars.”
#13 – By utilizing Charity Travel Packages, charities will create excitement by having VIP packages that are not sold at retail.  They can sell them in multiples if there are more than one (1) competitive bidders.  Packages can vary at the event and can change year to year.  The packages can either include roundtrip airfare or airfare can be removed depending on the charity’s needs. 
In order to be successful with your fundraising attempts, charities must be unique and present items that most of the charities in their area do not have. 
BW Unlimited Charity Fundraising is a North American Charity Leader in a “One Stop Shop” convenient setting.  BW Unlimited Charity Fundraising offers a wide array of Charity Auction items ranging from autographed items from Iconic Athlete’s, Celebrities and Musicians.  Wall Art/D├ęcor items from Sports, Celebrity, Historical….Jewelry and Charity Travel Packages from worldwide Cruises, VIP, Once in a Lifetime, Concerts, Shows and Vacations to worldwide destinations.  To learn more, check out our website at and 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

BREAKING NEWS!!! Partnership with - Fundraising Best Practices

We have been involved in the fundraising industry for a very long time.  Since we opened our doors seven (7) years ago, we have been approached by many companies wanting our help or asking to partner with us. 

The first thing I do is obviously look to see who the company is, how long they have been in business and the most important aspect – if their beliefs are like mine “Charity First.”  Are they only wanting to make money through charities across the United States and is what they are offering something truly needed.

Now you should understand, I have turned down some of the largest companies out there in the fundraising industry.  I truly feel most of the products they are offering are quite honestly just a way to get charities to waste money.

But in all this time, we were contacted by a company that offers charities much more than any other similar company out there.  The company I am speaking of is “” 

When we were first contacted, of course I did my due diligence to see if it was a “Scam” which is was and is not.  They are truly unique because their business motto is exactly like mine.  What I found most unique is, that they offer an extra profit to charities through ticket sales.  Then add on the ability to host both an On-Line Silent Auction and Raffle along with the ticket sales.

If that wasn’t enough, I spoke directly to the President of the business – Sean Spence.  I read his bio and had a very long conversation, digging into him about what he believes and how he runs his business.  I was and am truly impressed.

I was so impressed, we agreed to exclusively partner with them.  With the partnership, we will offer the “Best of both worlds” combining our Charity Auction items with their ticketing platform. 

If you are planning on hosting a fundraising event, please visit and when you contact them, let them know George Wooden of BW Unlimited Charity Fundraising sent you. 

BW Unlimited Charity Fundraising is a North American charity fundraising leader in a “One Stop Shop” convenient setting.  Known across North America as the #1 provider of No Risk Charity Auction Items – BW Unlimited Charity Fundraising can help you and your charity with everything you can possibly need and more.  For more information about how BW Unlimited Charity Fundraising can help you, please visit

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Donations Donations Donations

Getting donated items is a key fundraising component.  Charities all across North America go after as many as they can get.  But a problem which most charities are totally unaware of, is the reality of donated items - are they successful or not?
Donations can be extremely successful but their use must be planned.
Today...the reality of donations is that they are bringing from an 1/8 to only 1/2 of retail.  However the absolute best place to utilize donated items is truly in a raffle setting.  In raffles, the same donated items bring 10 times retail guaranteed.
If you would like to know on the proper use of donated items, contact us at
BW Unlimited Charity Fundraising is a North American Charity Fundraising Leader in a " One Stop Shop " convenient setting.