Saturday, August 16, 2014

Secret to Fundraising Success - Putting the "Fun" in Fundraising

If you were invited to a seminar hosted by the IRS, would you go?  Does it sound like a “Barrel of Laughs”?  I’ll answer for you – no not at all.
As you begin to plan your next charity fundraising event, don’t forget to account for the “Fun” factor.  Remember, nobody like’s “Boring.” 

I can guarantee that you will agree with me that the fun events are the most memorable.  The “Fun” Factor is definitely responsible for many positives in a highly successful, highly profitable fundraising event. 
Something else that is vitally important about a “Fun” Fundraising event is, when people are having a great time built around a Charity, the charity will experience incredible growth via support outside of the event.  People will want to get involved with the Charity and want to help to host other events/fundraisers.

Take it into account that when people are having a fun time, it makes their experience much better and very memorable.  The mere fact that they had a great time at your event, will help you next event that much better – easier ticket sales, increased ticket sales and much more profit.  When people are having fun, they don’t have a problem spending.  But if you host a boring event, do you think they will want to return?  Do you think they will want to bid on items?  Doubt it.
Over the years which I have been involved in Charity Fundraising, I have seen it all.  From long winded speeches putting the crowd to sleep, inappropriate entertainment, low end items only on the Live & Silent Auctions and people doing everything they can to leave the event early which resulted in a low profit for the charity.
I have also seen events that were like “3 Ring Circuses.”  I have seen the
“Fun Factor” on steroids – I call these events a “Friend-raiser”, more like a party.  When an event becomes more of a Party then a fundraiser, guests become distracted with the entire “Party” of it all and ignore the Fundraising Platforms (refer to my earlier blog - Fundraising Platforms – A Complete Fundraising Event).

A successful event lies somewhere in between.  An event that is fun while also still staying on track with a successful fundraiser is the “Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner.”  It’s a balance. 

A great way of providing the “Fun” factor is by hosting several fun and entertaining raffle’s and games.  In fact, a raffle/game is the absolute best way of utilizing the donated items that your charity has received (Refer to Gift Baskets & Gift Certificates – How to profit 10 times the retail value for more information about how a raffle can greatly influence the success of donated items).  Here are some of my experiences with these:
#1 - Recently, I was asked to fly out to Detroit to assist the Livingston County Humane Society with their fundraising event the "The 2014 Furball".  They did an amazing job by providing a fantastic live band as well as several different fun raffle’s and games.  One of the games, which I have never seen before, was a “Bead” Raffle.  The raffle was hilarious, incredibly fun and had the entire crowd involved.  It was amazing to see all of the guests, who were dressed very nice, standing at the front of the room laughing and truly enjoying themselves.  This raffle/game raised them an incredible amount of money….Great job Livingston County!!!

#2 – We routinely help our clients with Raffle ideas.  One of the absolute best is the “Balloon Raffle.”  Balloons bring the “Kid” out in your guests.  Plus they also help decorate the room.  Watching the guests pop the balloons is a blast.  Due to the draw of the Balloon Raffle, it’s a 100% guarantee to bring 10 times the amount of profit then using donated items on a Silent or Live Auction.
#3 – Surprise or “Blitz” Raffles are another amazing idea.  Having an item hidden from the crowd and surprising them with a quick raffle, will “WOW” them.  There are several successful ways of conducting this in a way that everyone will be “Star Struck.”

Watch our NEW Video and hear from our Clients about the success of Fun Raffles and games:

Remember, prizes hitting the crowd will take your event from “Hum Drum” to above and beyond the “WOW” type of event.  Your guests will see people with smiling faces, laughing and enjoying themselves.  Just this factor will create a very memorable experience.
Remember, putting the “Fun” in fundraising is the key to your success at your next fundraising event. 

There are many more simple things that will change the entire face of your event, bringing it from “Okay” to “Rockstar” making your event and the next, the place to be.
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