Monday, July 28, 2014

The Secret of Mass Ticket Sales – SOLD OUT!!!

One of the negative issues that Charities have when hosting a fundraising event is Ticket Sales.  The issue comes from several issues but in order to sell the maximum amount of tickets or even selling a venue out, I am going to share the secret with you.

“How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.”  If I came to you and said “You need to sell 500 tickets”, most people would be crushed with stress and would not even try because of such a massive task.  In fact, it would probably be over even before it started.  However, it’s much easier then you know to sell it out.

Charities should use this same thought process when tackling their ticket sales.  Prior to starting this plan, you first have to find the venue (place where you are hosting your fundraising event).  The important questions you have to determine are the following:

#1 – Venue Price Per Person

#2 – How many people can sit at a table?  - Most are either 8 to a table (referred to as “8 tops”) or 10 to a table (“10 Tops”).

Later, we will discuss facts you should know about how you can negotiate with a Venue in reference to price per person and the Sales Tactics they use (yet another Blog). 

Once the above two questions are answered, you should establish your Ticket Costs.  A successful method of pricing your tickets is to give a “Price Break” for Couples and Tables sold.  Understand that no one will want to come alone, charities can use that to their benefit and your guests.  After establishing the “Price per Head” from the venue, the first ticket cost should be the “Table of?” (Of either 8 or 10 people to a table).  This ticket charge is the #1 key to your success.  The next price, which should be a bit higher is, Couples (2) ticket and then a Single Ticket – with the Single Ticket being the highest price.

After you have these answers and your have your tickets printed, this is when you put your plan into action and begin “Eating the Elephant.”  This is the “Secret to Selling out your event.”  Here is how it works:

#1 – Board of Directors:  Most likely, you are already planning a meeting surrounding your event.  At your event, you should task each of your board members to sell or purchase one (1) to two (2) tables.  Understand that the role of a Board member is to support the Charity financially and by assisting with tasks such as this.  Several of your board members will be able to sell more than one (1) table.  Give each one of your board members a book of tickets (either 8 to a book – or – 10 to a book depending on the size of the tables) and ask them to sell them.

#2 – Sub Contractors / Vendors:  As a business, there are companies and professionals that you rely on such as Lawyers, Accountants, Suppliers, Marketing Companies etc.  When speaking about suppliers, I am referring to the companies which you purchase office supplies and other items from.  A good method is go through your “Charity Checkbook” and see who profits from you – you will be amazed how many companies there are.  Think about all the companies you buy from and speak to them about purchasing a table.  A good business will immediately purchase a table in order to both show their support and keep the relationship going.

#3 – Committee:  These great people are your “Soldiers.”  First you should gather everyone to a meeting and include all of the charity employees and all your volunteers.  These great people are the heart and soul of your charity and will work overtime to help.  Task each of them to sell a table.

NOTE:  The first issue you should understand is, not every one of these people will be able to sell a table and you should ask up front who can and cannot sell them.

In summary, if your venue can host 500 people, then all you will need to do is sell 50

tables – that means only 50 people are needed to “Sell out” your event.  Just as a matter of note, a “Sold Out” event alone will help your charity grow year after year.
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