Thursday, April 2, 2020

It's time to support the Small Businesses who supported your charity.

Do you remember asking the small businesses in your area to donate something for your charity event? 

For instance, about 15 years ago, I went into a small business called Subworks Pizzeria in my local town of Perryville, Maryland.  You see, I was once a volunteer for a charity and hit the area hard looking for donations. 

The owner of Subworks, Carl Jarusek, didn’t even blink an eye and donated what he could.  I remember him doing that to this day and I am still very grateful.  Carl is just that kind of guy, very friendly, caring and giving.  So now, my family orders from him when we want to order out because he helped me when I asked, now its my turn to help him, his family and his business.

There are millions of small business owners like Carl and his family across our country who are now struggling to keep their doors open and paying their employees.  It kills them to have to lay off people but they must in order to stay afloat.

They are real people whose faces and friendly "hello's" greet you as you walk through their doors and say thank you.  They donate to your local sports teams, allow you to set up a table outside selling girl scout cookies and hang your flyer's in their windows.  Like the Jarusek family.

Earlier, I was speaking to a friend and client about all of this.  You see, I had been advising my clients to keep advertising their postponed events and he opened my eyes.  That’s when it hit me, even our businesses have been drastically struck by the current events.  I’ve heard of at least (3) businesses closing their doors as well as many of my friends being laid off or even worse, losing their jobs.

Again, do you remember the small businesses in your area that donated to your charity when you asked?  It’s now your turn to show them your support and that you care for them.  Help them by going to their businesses especially those who are restaurants doing curbside sales.  Help them advertise by asking your friends to visit and support their businesses.

They are the charities now.  They make up the backbone of our country.  They are the smiling faces who remember your names.  Show them you support them now more than ever.   

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