Wednesday, February 12, 2020

The #1 WORST Enemy of a Charity Fundraising Committee

The worst enemy of a charity planning a fundraiser is “Negativity.”  Negativity has a tendency to spread like a disease if not cured quickly.

There are many causes for negativity in a fundraising committee, however this is what I have seen on many occasions:

#1 – Control – A member of your committee or team may want to be in charge. 

#2 – Destruction – A member of your committee may not like the person in charge and they will do whatever they can to ensure that the event is not a success.  They do this in hopes that the person in charge will fail and look awful, further making them look better.

#3 – Persistent Negativity – Some people are always negative and live a pessimistic life.

#4 – Hidden Agenda – A member of your committee may have been in charge or a friend of theirs was in charge in the past but was replaced by someone new.  If the new person in charge is successful, their failure or their friend’s failure will be revealed even more.  They will also want to see that person removed so that they or their friend can return to that role.

There are many reasons for negativity, however the best prescription for negativity is:

#1 – Recruiting – Look for positive, energetic people who want the event to be a success.

#2 – Tone – Set the tone with the committee right from the beginning. 

#3 – Prevention – If someone on your committee is constantly negative, remove them immediately before it spreads to the other members.

You will waste more energy and time trying to either change their behavior or simply dealing with them in order to keep them happy.  Remember, if they are negative, they will not do anything to help you and your charity be a success.  They will cause arguments and make life miserable for both you and your committee.

Look for people who will support your efforts, not people who will detract from it.  Building a strong team/committee is the most important aspect and the foundation of a successful fundraiser.  Do not just recruit everyone, carefully select an All Star Team.

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