Friday, January 18, 2019

FEAR - Why Fear is your worst enemy

As a national business owner, I listen to business books (I listen to books on Audible while I drive or in my office because I don’t have the time or the attention span to read them) and watch videos of some of the most successful people in the world.  They all share something in common – their messages.  Oddly enough, if you read them, watch the video’s and listen or read the books, they all same the same things.  And here is probably the #1 thing that separates the successful from unsuccessful people.

Fear kills ambition, fear kills growth, fear kills dreams and goals.  Fear is the #1 reason for two (2) things but they are the reverse of each other:

#1 – Fear keeps most people in their comfort zone.  They are afraid of leaving what they know and going outside of their comfort zone because of fear.  Fear of the unknown, fear of Risk, fear of the “What if’s.”  They would rather be miserable and accept what they have instead of seeing what they could have – if they only leave their comfort zone – but nothing grows there in their comfort zone and the scenery never changes.  They blame and hate successful people because of their wealth etc.


#2 – Fear is all a part of success.  Successful people live outside of their comfort zone and know that “Without Risk there is no reward.”  In the beginning, they were afraid but decided to move passed it and try.  They made mistakes but used those mistakes to make them better.  They climb the ladder of success by initially getting over their fear and getting use to risk.  Their comfort zone does not exist and they thrive outside of it.  They are hated for their success but it only fuels their desire to become more successful.  The reason the “Rich get Richer” is because they are used to risk and have learned that fear is all a part of the journey.  The “Rick get Richer” because opportunity finds them and then they take the risk and become even more successful.

Why am I writing this?  Because recently I was speaking with a charity who needed our help in the worst way.  Their fundraising efforts were not successful which also stunted their growth.  While speaking to them, they had all the parts and pieces to make them successful which made me even more excited because I could see their fundraising event being incredibly successful.   However, their board saw it differently. 

Even though our fundraising resume is vast with many more 5 stars reviews and recommendations than anyone ever needs, with a track record of insane success with our charity clients – they were afraid.  Their fear had them questioning our integrity even though you can’t swing a stick without coming across our successes.  Ultimately, their fear stopped them from moving forward.  Even though I had clearly explained how they would profit, their ears were closed to my words because FEAR was the cause.  Their FEAR will ultimately stop them and possibly even force them to close their doors.

However, within a day or so, I met with another charity who had the same fear initially.  Prior to meeting with us, they thoroughly “Vetted” us and found out everything they needed to know.  But after hearing everything I had to say, answering all of their questions…they were so excited, they jumped on board quickly and we started planning two (2) events while also helping them with other fundraising efforts. 

What’s the moral to the story – there is no plank that you have to walk out on.  In order to be successful, you must get over your fear of moving forward.  Success lies on the opposite side of your fear and comfort zone.  You must take the leap, assume risk just to see what could happen – success if what will happen.

Here is another story about the exact same thing – my wife and were out for dinner and I saw a young girl running around working her butt off.  She was extremely friendly, had a permanent smile on her face and was working hard for the few dollars left on the table for tips. 

I called her over, introduced myself and told her about my business.  I told her that we were looking for people like her and told her what we pay our employees.  She was shocked and said yes that she was interested.  I gave her my card and told her to email me.  After several days and not hearing from her, I went back to the restaurant and approached her.  I asked her why she hadn’t reached out to me and she said “It sounds too good to be true and other people who work here said there is no way it’s real.”  I told her we are 100% real and invited her to come to our meeting…she walked away.  Several days went by, no message so I went back.  I sat her down and spoke to her.  I told her that very few times in life, opportunity will come knocking on your door.  You have to answer it and take the chance…She came to the meeting and now she is a part of my staff.  She went back to the restaurant and told those who said we weren’t real that we actually are.  She took the chance, got over her fear and now look.

In summary, FEAR will eventually kill you if you let it.  You must get over your fear and accept the possibilities in order to grow.  You have to leave your comfort zone or you will never ever grow beyond what you are already doing.

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