Saturday, September 1, 2018

When will fundraising start to hurt a charity?

Every single day, especially on Facebook, I see charities fundraising.   Many of these charities are the same one I see repeatedly asking for contributions or donations.   They are constantly asking to give to them so they can continue their mission.

With 104 Million charities constantly trying to fundraise for their missions, fundraising is a “Dog Eat Dog” competition.  Everyone, especially those who are in the same category such as Non Profit’s focused on Animal Welfare, is fighting over the same dollar.  Competition is tough!!! 

But at what point does too many fundraising begin to hurt a charity?  I’ve watched as certain charities are constantly asking for donations or running various fundraising campaigns.  Each time, the amount raised goes down and down.  Why is this happening?  Simply put – People are tired of being asked repeatedly to give.  It nearly becomes begging or even “Pick Pocketing.” 

A charity who does this type of fundraising will eventually see very little return while hurting their reputation.

Charities should devote their fundraising efforts on the following:

#1 – Cultivating Major Sponsors (i.e. Companies & Major Individual Donors).

#2 – Planning two fundraising events a year which we refer to as an “A” event and a “B” event.  The “A” event is a Gala or large scale fundraising event.  The “B” event can be “Golf Tournament”, “Walk-A-Thon” etc.  Charities can also look into hiring a company to run a “Capital Campaign” which sends out a massive mailer to everyone asking for donations.

However, constantly and repeatedly asking for donations is absolutely going to hurt you and your charity in so many ways and the damage will be unrepairable.
Just Food for Thought – If you were constantly asked by a friend to borrow money that they never paid back, how many times would you oblige their request?  Think about it before you ask.

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